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Who is Stone Farm?

Stone Farm is passionate about reclaimed stone and outdoor living.  We curate the world for stone that tells stories of the past, and design outdoor products that create new stories of your own for generations to come. Founded with the common goal of providing and creating unique products, Stone Farm has over time developed into three distinct channels - Outdoor Living; Reclaimed Exterior Stone (Architectural); and Reclaimed Thin Brick.

There is a reason why we have hit the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list for three consecutive years. We are a team of storytellers, passionate about curating and creating fresh, stone products for both interior and exterior applications.

Learn more about Stone Farm’s THREE DIVISIONS:

OUTDOOR LIVING - Creating New Stories with Friends and Family

Stone Farm Outdoor Living creates products that are the heart of every outdoor living space.  Whether enhancing an outdoor entertaining space, or creating from scratch; architects, homeowners and contractors start with Stone Farm as the centerpiece. The heart of every outdoor living space brings friends and family together, creating new stories, in an environment that is, as we like to put it, SIMPLY MORE FUN!

Stone Farm sells outdoor living products exclusively through dealers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.   We are the licensed Distributor and Manufacturer of Stone Age Manufacturing products, licensee of FireBoulder, and distributor of Summerset Outdoor Living Products. Call us to find a dealer near you.

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Reclaimed Exterior Stone - Stories of Past Revealed

Stone Farm Architectural is a nationwide resource of reclaimed stone. From quarries and projects around the United States, including the Big Dig in Boston, to materials from far off lands overseas, these stones carry rich stories of the past. We scour the world to find, harvest, quarry and re-purpose distinctive stone - from one-of-a-kind finds, to unique stone that we transform into new uses like pavers or pillars. Due to the uniqueness and complication of sourcing these materials, we typically work directly with Landscape Architects, or in tandem with dealers to achieve magnificent results. 

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Reclaimed Thin Brick - Bringing history indoors.

We are quite pleased that we discovered a way to bring our passion for the outdoors inside.  Known for our ability to source reclaimed materials, Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer has been a natural fit. Found in old school houses and factories and mills, our Reclaimed Thin Brick brings history right into homes, stores, restaurants, and office buildings all around North America.  You might have seen us in Starbucks, a Marriott Hotel or Ruth Chris!   We are focused on harvesting brick blends that we know we can sustain for years to come.  This way, architects and interior designers can count on consistent quality for their projects year after year. 

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Meet the Team

An eclectic group of fun-loving, energetic and passionate people. We all come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, but have found ourselves enthusiastic about our purpose.  We look forward to coming to our cool digs everyday (not many can say that) and we enjoy working together to ensure we offer the highest quality service and material to our customers. From group grilling lessons, to team bowling and happy hours, we take pride in being part of the Stone Farm family.

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For more information give us a call at 203.270.2900.