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The heavy-duty no-nonsense dual fuel grill.


Building An Outdoor Kitchen

Completed Outdoor Kitchen

The Basic Steps: Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining, you should consider investing in an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor living areas that people are designing today not only add value to your home, but also allows you to spend more time with your family and friends. When designed efficiently (with outdoor kitchen kits and modular outdoor kitchen cabinets) an outdoor kitchen will bring your entertaining to an entirely new level. Designing an outdoor kitchen requires more than just plopping down a grill and a table and chairs.

When designed correctly, a kitchen design will allow you to enjoy your guests without running back and forth to your indoor kitchen. Consider the whole outdoor kitchen experience; entertaining, grilling and relaxing. Design your outdoor kitchen with stations in mind. Think about the space you have and divide it among the Entertainment Station, the Cooking Station, and the Prep Station. Shown within each station are some popular Summerset products.

Entertainment Station

Having an entertainment station allows your guests to “help themselves” while you are doing the grilling. When designed with a Beverage Center, an Ice Chest or a Refrigerator, your guests will always have a cold beverage at easy reach. There’s no refilling the plastic ice bucket in 90-degree weather, or reaching into a bucket for a “floating” drink.


Stainless Steel Beverage Center with Sink Stainless Steel Ice Chest

Stainless Steel Beverage Center with Sink

Stainless Steel Ice Chest

Stainless Steel Trash Drawer

Cooking Station

The cooking station is the hub of the outdoor kitchen, and where the magic really happens. Spend the extra money on the grill and get the best your budget will allow. Whether you are entertaining 6-16 people, our Summerset grills can accommodate your crowd. The grills have heat zones so you can cook with 2 zones for smaller parties or all four zones for larger groups. Don’t forget about the side burners. The side burner allows you to easily finish your cooking outside. With the most efficient design you will become a one stop cooking station. Our newest addition to the Summerset products is The Oven. The Oven is constructed of high quality stainless steel and serves as an all purpose oven. Not only does it cook pizza, it cooks chicken and cookies!


TRL Stainless outdoor grill Double sideburners

TRL Stainless outdoor grill

Double Side Burners

The Oven

Prep Station

Your prep station should be next to your cooking station so you can conveniently move your food to your grill. Use a sink to rinse off your vegetables, a trash drawer and cutting board/chute to “chop and toss”, and extra storage to store your utensils and platters.


Stainless steel sink and faucet stainless steel trash chute and cutting board

15" Stainless Steel Sink & Faucet

Stainless Steel Trash Chute & Cutting Board

Stainless Steel Triple Drawer

The Next Step

Stone Farm will help make your design and build process easy. We get you started with a 3-D design based on your rough sketches, suggest the right cabinets, provide a full catalog of stainless accessory options, and then help you choose the right finishing, whether it's reclaimed brick or fieldstone veneer.

Our experienced designer will work with you to ensure your outdoor kitchen fits your entertainment specific needs. Once the design is approved, our customized cabinets and stainless outdoor appliances and accessories can be onsite within a few days, we ship nationwide.

Need a stainless steel accessory immediately and you're located in the New England area? Come in and visit our warehouse in Uxbridge, Massachusetts and Newtown, Connecticut, servicing CT, NY, NH, MA, ME, VA, DE, MD, RI and Metro DC.

Please contact Stone Farm to further discuss planning your outdoor kitchen with us.

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Examples of 3-D outdoor kitchen renderings:

Outdoor Kitchen Sketch Up Design Outdoor Kitchen Sketch Up Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design Sample

Outdoor Kitchen Design Sample

Outdoor Kitchen Sketch Up design Outdoor Kitchen Sketch Up Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design Sample

Outdoor Kitchen Design Sample