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The heavy-duty no-nonsense dual fuel grill.


















Stone Farm’s specializes in scouring the world to find, harvest, quarry and repurpose distinctive stone and brick – from one-of-a-kind finds to unique stone we transform into new uses like pavers or pillars, or reclaimed old stone and brick we cut thin for beautiful veneers.  We are excited to bring you these rare finds!

Picking The Right Product

Everybody's project is different and not all visions are the same.  Stone Farm wants to help you find just the right stone or product to bring your idea to reality.  It all starts with telling us about your project and what look, style or function you are trying to achieve. 

Designing an Outdoor Living Space

Finding a Stone Farm dealer - Stone Farm has resellers that stock and display our stones and outdoor living products throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Please fill out our form with as much detail as possible. Most of what we ship is quite heavy--we want to ensure that we service you to the best of our ability given your product selection and location. If you’re located outside of New England or the Mid-Atlantic states we can still help get you in touch with the right company for your project.