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Reclaimed Stones

Driveway Pavers

  • Belgian cobblestone driveway pavers.

    Driveway Pavers #26874

    Belgian cobblestone driveway pavers.


Shapes and Dimensions

Patio stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can dramatically change the finished look. For reclaimed materials Stone Farm classifies them into 3 shape types.


Cobblestone cubes    Cobblestone squares Cobblestone rectangles




Road Planks

Patio plank paver Plank patio paver

Plank Patio Paver 

Plank Patio Paver


Quarry tailing, full thickness Quarry tailing, sawn and gauged.

Quarry Tailing Paver - Full thickness

Quarry Tailing Paver - Sawn and guaged 

Patterns and Banding

By choosing stone as the material for your driveway, you are giving yourself a lot of flexibility in the finished look.  Cobbles Patterns - Cobbles are one of the most common driveway stones and can be installed in the traditional running bond pattern, patchwork design or by using smaller cubes a fan pattern.


Patchwor cobble pattern.    Patchwork cobble pattern



Fan Pattern


Reclaimed paver driveway banding Cobblestone drivway with inlays.



Surface type

When considering using reclaimed materials the flatness of the finished surface needs to be decided.  While a driveway generally does not need to be as flat as a patio, certain products will give you more surface variation.  Look for our flatness ratings in the specifications on our driveway product pages.

Flat surface cobblestone paver Antique surface cobblestone paver

Flat Surface Cobblestone 

Antique Surface Cobblestone

Setting Bed: Sand vs Concrete

One of the bigger issues to address when considering material for a driveway is what installation approach do you want to take. Are you going to install it on a compacted gravel base or pour a concrete slab.