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Reclaimed Stones

Patio Pavers

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Surface types - Rustic vs refined

When considering materials for a patio application, the first question should regard functionality: What type of finished surface is required for the space? Stone Farm loosely classifies surfaces from rustic (more surface variation) to refined (more of a uniform surface).  A rustic surface might be fine around a fire pit or a walkway, but would not be suitable for a location with tables and chairs.

Rustic surface patioo paver Refined surface patio paver

Rustic Surface

Refined Surface

Shapes and Dimensions - squares and rectangles, long planks, irregular shapes

Patio stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can dramatically change the finished look. For reclaimed materials, Stone Farm classifies them into 3 shape types.  

Squares and Rectangles

Regular and square shaped patio paver p paver

Rectangular and square shaped reclaimed pavers

Oversized square pavers...we love these! 

Planks - Long and linear

Reclaimed plank patio paver Plank patio paver

Reclaimed Plank Patio Paver 

Plank Patio Paver

Irregular - natural random edges

Full thickness quarry tailing paver Quarry tailing paver sawn and gauged

Quarry Tailing Paver - full thickness

Quarry Tailing Paver - sawn and guaged 

Full thickness and gauged

When harvesting reclaimed stone, we often find material that might be thicker than required for a patio, but has a beautiful surface or shape.  Cutting a traditional patio paver to a specified thickness can add significant cost.  Our gauged pavers are created by sorting material with great paving surfaces and then cutting them to the desired thickness.  These products are easier to install and are better when setting on a mortar bed.

Full thickness paver Gauged paver

Full Thickness


Joint size - wider vs narrower

The size of the joint or space between each paver should be considered as well.  If a tight joint is required, certain reclaimed products might not be suitable or will require significant effort to create that tight joint.  If a looser joint is desired, for possibly planting between, there is a wider range of products that will work and installation costs can often be less

Pavers with tighter joints Looser joints are perfect for plantings

Tighter Joint

Looser Joint

Imports vs domestic product

Stone Farm has its roots in harvesting around New England, but we also beautiful reclaimed materials from around the world that we import.