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Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed Bricks

  • Reclaimed brick paving

    Reclaimed Bricks #26844

    Reclaimed brick paving


Antique paving brick. Interior thin brick veneer installed without grout.

Antique Paving Brick

Interior Thin Brick Veneer installed without grout

Where we get reclaimed bricks from 

Brick is one of the oldest and most common building materials.  Throughout New England, building demolition and street construction creates a need to dispose of or recycle large quantities of brick at a time.

Old mill building waiting for reclamation.    Brick streetscape.

Old Mill Building

Brick Streetscape

Face brick vs Paving brick

Not all bricks are made the same.  Bricks are generally made for building walls with (face brick) or for paving (paving brick).  The type of clay and the way they are fired in the kiln, makes them suitable for one application over the other.  Face brick is generally lighter and more porous and not good for paving in freeze-thaw environments.  

Face brick. Antique Paving Brick  

Face Brick

Antique Paving Brick

Colors and blends

Most old brick from the Northeast was made from clay that when fired created reds, oranges, and blacks.  The leaching and staining of the lime-based mortar, creates the white and cream colors seen in the mix. Stone Farm takes the entire color palette and combines them to create unique blends of reclaimed brick.  

Mill blend thin brick veneer. Baltimore blend, thin brick veneer.

New England Mill Blend

Baltimore Blend

Products we make from this material:

Thin veneer for walls, floor tiles and paving brick.