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Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed Building Parts

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The perfect building for reclaiming. Many reclaimed gems to be found here.

A perfect find! The old New Bedford Stone building.

It may take a bit of sifting, but reclaimed gems can be found here.

Where we get the material from

Many varied types of buildings used stone elements as part of their structure, from early colonial residences using long granite planks as foundation stones, to 19th-century mills using granite for sills and thresholds. 


Granite planks ready for reclaiming. A great find--brick and granite to be reclaimed here.

Granite planks ready for reclaiming

This is the type of building we search for--here we can use both brick and granite

Shapes and Dimensions

Of all the material Stone Farm harvests, sections of old buildings give us the biggest range of shapes, sizes and just plain unique and varied pieces of old stone.  

Many shapes and dimensions are repurposed. We are always seeking out the unique and unusual.

Endless shapes and dimensions are discovered and repurposed.

We are always seeking out the unique and unusual.

Colors and Textures

Since these stones were part of old buildings they were often cut, carved or had their surfaces textured, we think of them as having more refined surfaces.  We often collaborate with our customers and designers to transform what may look like an odd shaped piece of stone into something very elegant and functional.


A varied patina is found in this type of material. This foundation shows many years of natural weathering.

A varied patina is found in this type of material.

This old foundation section shows many years of wear from nature's elements.

Sill and Thresholds

Across New England, there are thousands of old mill buildings that no longer serve their original purpose.  Most of these buildings had window sills and lintels made of granite.  The doorways often had wide granite thresholds. When these buildings come down Stone Farm reclaims these handsome stone artifacts.


Reclaimed thresholds ready for repurposing.

The surface texture of these pieces simply cannot be replicated.

Ornamental Pieces

In the bigger cities across New England, many old buildings were adorned with hand carved stone pieces. The artistic beauty of the pieces is often exceptional.


The sky is the limit with these ornamental pieces. A standout exampleof an ornamental find.

The sky is the limit with these special finds.

A standout example of an ornamental find.