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Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed Cobbles

  • Big Dig Cobblestone Driveway.

    Reclaimed Cobbles #26826

    Big Dig Cobblestone Driveway.


    Rowayton, CT

Big Dig medium cobbles. Belgian Porphyry cobbles.

Big Dig medium cobblestones.

Belgian Porphyry Cobblestones.

Where we get them

Cobbles were used extensively in the cities and industrializing towns of the US for roads and industrial courtyards before there was asphalt.  Once asphalt was introduced as a cheaper and smoother paving material, cobbles were no longer used and many were left in place. As a result, they were then covered with asphalt.  Today, when construction projects take place and roads are replaced, we find these cobblestone gems underneath ready for salvaging.

Harvesting cobbles from a city street. Raws material ready for the next project.

Harvesting cobblestones from a city street

Raw material ready for the next project

Shapes and Dimensions

The shape and size of cobblestone pavers determine the type of pattern the cobbles can be laid in. Rectangles make the classic running bond pattern, while squares and cubes offer more flexibility in design and are good for fan type patterns. 


Big Dig Cobbles in a running bond pattern

Belgian Sandstone cobblestone squares

Cobblestone cubes



Reclaimed cobbles are harvested in a variety of thicknesses, but the most common are 6-7” thick, we call these full bed cobbles. Smaller European cubes range in thickness from 3-4” thick.  Stone Farm also offers cobbles that have been sliced from 1-3” thick providing more setting bed options.  





Reclaimed cobbles get their base color from the material they were made from. The effects of wear and tear only enhance the overall look with new color tones added. This is what creates the patina, that making this material so unique.  Colors range from the traditional New England salt and pepper with earth tones to the European Porphyry and to the deep blues of Belgian Bluestone.

Big Dig cobbles possess a rich salt and pepper patina. Belgian Sandstone has a smooth and lively patina. Swedish granite contains red and pink undertones.

Big Dig Cobbles--Salt and pepper patina with rich earthy tones

Belgian Sandstone--smooth and lively

Swedish Granite cobbles are rich with red, pink undertones infused with earth tones


Antique cobbles by nature have worn and smoothed tops giving them their character.  Some cobbles have more consistent surfaces, hence making a flatter finished paving surface.  For the flattest surfaces, consider our Flat Cobblestone.  Stone Farm creates the Flat Cobble by taking a full bed cobble, cutting the top off, leaving a completely flat bottom half.  The resulting material has the organic shape and true colors of the original cobble, but with a totally flat surface.


Antique top cobble. Flat top cobble.

Antique top cobble

Flat top cobbles


Click on the video above to view one of our latest European cobblestone driveway projects--Greenwich, CT.