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Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed Curbing

  • Reclaimed curbing as steps.

    Reclaimed Curbing #26838

    Reclaimed curbing as steps.

Reclaimed curbing as paving. Reclaimed curbing as patio material.

Where We Get Curbing

In the Northeast, granite curb has been used for over 150 years to separate sidewalks from streets.  When roads are resurfaced, these long linear planks of granite are often replaced.


Freshly harvested curbing. Laying out and taking stock of some great new pieces of curbstone.

Freshly harvested curbing

Laying out and taking stock after a new reclamation

Typical Dimensions

Curbing comes in a variety of dimensions and lengths, we typically see this material in the following dimensions:

Junior Curbing: 4-6” x 9-12” x 24-48” lengths

Standard Curbing: 6-8” x 16-18” and 36”x 8’ plus lengths


Standard reclaimed curbstone steps. Junior reclaimed curbstone inlays.

Standard Reclaimed Curbstone Steps 

Junior Reclaimed Curbstone inlays 

First Generation vs. Present Day Curb

Granite has been used as curbing for over 100 years. The first generation of curb was primarily made with hand tools, which is why the resulting material has a hand-hewn, almost natural look and feel. In the last 50 years, curbing has been produced in a more mechanized fashion, resulting in a more uniform look and feel. 


Reclaimed curbing as raw material. A reclaimed curb walkway with tight joints.

Reclaimed curbing as raw material

Reclaimed curb walkway with tight joints



Like so many different granite products, reclaimed and salvaged curbing comes from a variety of quarries creating many color variations. In general curbing is made from gray granites that range from lighter colors to almost charcoal colors.  Years of wear combined with exposure to natural elements gives this material its earth tone color palette.  Ask us what colors are available for specific applications. 


Lightly colored curbing. Curbstone with a darker patina.

Light colored curbing

Darker colored curbing


Uses For Curb

One of the best characteristics of curbing is that it comes in relatively long lengths.  Long linear pieces of stone can be made into a variety of useful products.  We re-purpose curbing into steps, capstones and coping, posts and pavers