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Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed Granite Blocks

  • Harvested railraod trestle block.

    Reclaimed Granite Blocks #26832

    Harvested railraod trestle block.


Reclaimed granite block sea wall. Reclaimed granite blocks salvaged from a wall.

Reclaimed granite block sea wall

Reclaimed granite blocks salvaged from a foundation wall

Where we get the material

Granite was the first industrial strength building material used in America.  Throughout New England, large pieces of granite were hammered into building blocks ranging from small to massive in scale. These blocks were used in railroad trestles, cellar foundations and as walls of early American industrial buildings. As these structures are brought out of service, Stone Farm harvests the stone and then re-purposes them.


Original railroad trestle site. Harvested granite blocks.

Original railroad trestle site

Harvested granite blocks

Shapes and Dimensions

Granite blocks were made in a variety of square and rectangular shapes and sizes. As you drive throughout New England, dimensionally shaped blocks ranging from 18-24” tall by 2’ to 8’ long are often seen.These often originated from railroad and bridge peers. Cellars were often made from square and rectangular blocks that varied in heights and lengths.  Stone Farm harvests this material and sorts it to these different dimensions.

Long dimensional granite blocks. Semi-dimensional granite blocks.

Long dimensional granite blocks soon to be taken down

Semi-dimensional reclaimed granite blocks--raw material

Colors and Textures

Most of the granite block we harvest today, originally came from one of the many granite quarries around New England.  Through years of natural weathering, these quarries produced granite in various shades of gray, blended with earth tones; the surface has a slightly rough split face texture. The end result is a unique color palette that simply can't be replicated elsewhere. We are excited to be able to salvage this unique material and re-purpose it into many new and creative forms.


This type of granite possesses a very strong and varied patina. Years of weathering create this strong patina.

The rich patina found in reclaimed granite block material seen up close

Years of weathering and use simply cannot be replicated