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Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed Quarry Tailings

  • Reclaimed quarry tailings

    Reclaimed Quarry Tailings #26856

    Reclaimed quarry tailings

Where we get the material from

During the 19th century, New England had hundreds of quarries dotted across the states.  Many of these produced materials exclusively for very local markets while others were larger operations that shipped materials south along the Eastern seaboard.

During quarrying operations, large pieces of split off block were produced. This material was then dumped into large piles, known as tailings.  The vast majority of these quarries closed by the early 20th century, leaving large tailing piles.  Over the last century, these discarded slabs of granite have now had the opportunity to weather in beautiful ways, thanks to nature's elements. Today, Stone Farm harvests these piles of unique weathered stone, that can be used for an endless array of project possibilities.

Reclaimed Quarry Tailings

Reclaimed Quarry Tailings

Quarry tailings ready for repurposing.