Antique Brick Pavers

Brick pavers have been around since the early 19th century. At Stone Farm we harvest our antique brick pavers from streets and prepare them for resale. Each antique brick paver has an authentic and worn surface, but remains more durable than a concrete paver. Our pavers are naturally waterproof and come in a range of colors from tan to red to burnt orange. They are timeless and ideal for commercial and home use.

Brick Pavers vs. Building Brick

Brick pavers are different from building bricks. Antique brick pavers are acquired from streets, sidewalks or plazas, whereas building bricks are harvested from old buildings and walls. Brick pavers are specifically designed/manufactured to take vehicular weight, and are able to withstand freeze thaw cycles. Whereas the building bricks we reclaimed from factories and schoolhouses, would ultimately fail if laid in the ground.

Current Reclaimed brick paver stock

Reclaimed NY Brick Pavers


8" L x 3.5-4" W x 3-3.5" T
250 pieces / pallet
2200 LBS/Pallet

Laid Narrow:
45 sqft / pallet
5.5 pieces / sqft


Laid Wide:
62.5 sqft / pallet
4 pieces / sqft


Currently, we have stunning brick pavers reclaimed from the streets of New York. Each piece within the pallets displays both a worn narrow and wide face, providing flexibility to your desired installation format. Whether you choose to incorporate them into a walkway, patio, or driveway, these brick pavers are guaranteed to become a captivating focal point of conversation!

Brick Paver patios & pathways

Boston City Hall Pavers in a patio with a beautiful New England view

The worn patina of antique brick pavers adds instant history to patios, driveways and walkways. The patterns your mason chooses also work to create an authentic feeling that completes the aesthetic of your home, garage or barn.

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