Reclaimed Paving

Good design, you know it when you see it.  You also understand and appreciate that using natural elements in your designs makes good design even better. Stone Farm gets it too.  Our reclaimed stone products are the perfect mix of natural and historic elements that make your great designs stand out.



New England Granite Planks

Our New England Granite Planks are harvested around New England and come in a range of dimensions, surface textures and edge treatments. These inherent differences make for a material that can be sorted and utilized for a range of paving applications.

  • Color - Weathered gray and earth tones from New England granites

  • Thickness - Gauged backs (1-3”) or non gauged (4-8”) with split surface

  • Height - Will vary - typically available (9”, 10”, 12”, 16” and 18”)

  • Length - Random from 18” - 8’

  • Finished surface - Can be sorted for heels or no heels

  • Joint - Tight to medium tight


Antique Asian Granite Planks

The textured but very flat surface of this antique stone pavers makes them suitable for applications where the surface needs to be completely flat or the joints need to be nice and tight.  Many of these pavers will show many years of wear and weathering, along with hand tooled surfaces. From plank to square shapes, these pavers come in a range of sizes.

  • Color - Natural beige and brown tones to shades of gray

  • Specs -Textured smooth face with natural sides. 

  • Dimensions - Planks 9-15” wide 2-5’ long and 2-5” thick

  • Surface - High heel compatible, flat surface

  • Joint - Tight

  • Applications - Refined patios and can be sorted for driveway applications. 

  • Source - Imported


Reclaimed Bluestone Sidewalks

  • Color - Deep dark blues, greens, grays and tans

  • Surface finish - walk worn surface

  • Dimensions - Generally 4’ x 2-5’ x 3-5”

  • Joint - Tightish

  • Source - Domestic  

Antique Limestone Planks

Hand hewn limestone has an ancient feel even before it has been worn, weathered and walked on.  Centuries of exposure to the elements give this material an almost magical look.  Many of these pavers were hand chiseled for traction, providing a very unique surface texture.

  • Color - Charcoal and gray tones  

  • Specs - Textured worn face with natural sides  

  • Dimensions -  Planks 16x18” x 3-4’ x 2-4” thick

  • Finished surface - Flat, worn surface. High heel compatible

  • Applications - Refined patios and can be sorted for driveway and step applications

  • Source - Imported  


Full thickness and gauged

Often times reclaimed stone will have a beautiful surface or shape, however, the thickness might not work for a particular application.  Our gauged pavers are created by sorting material with great paving surfaces and then cutting them to a desired thickness, creating a product that is easier to install and perfect when setting in a bed of mortar.


Joint size - wider vs narrower

The size of the joint or space between each paver is also a key element of design.  In designs where a tight joint is specified, sawn edges may be necessary.  If a looser joint is desired, for possible planings or grass in between, a more natural edge will work and installation costs can often be less.

Surface types - Rustic vs refined

When considering materials for a patio application, the first question should regard functionality: What type of finished surface is required for the space?  Stone Farm loosely classifies surfaces from rustic (more surface variation) to refined (more of a uniform surface).  For example, a rustic surface might be fine around a fire pit or a walkway, but would not be suitable for a location with tables and chairs.