Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Elevate your landscape project with reclaimed granite curbing—a perfect addition for steps, walkways, patios, and beyond! Delve into our reclaimed curbing page and discover creative ways to incorporate it into your upcoming project.

Curbing comes in a variety of dimensions and lengths, we typically see this material in the following dimensions:

Standard Curbing: 6-8” x 16-18” x 3'- 8’+ lengths

Junior Curbing: 4-6” x 9-12” x 24-48” lengths

First Generation vs. Present Day Curb

Granite has been used as curbing for over 100 years. The first generation of curb was primarily made with hand tools, which is why the resulting material has a hand-hewn, almost natural look and feel. In the last 50 years, curbing has been produced in a more mechanized fashion, resulting in a more uniform look and feel.


Like so many different granite products, reclaimed and salvaged curbing comes from a variety of quarries creating many color variations. In general, curbing is made from gray granites that range from lighter colors to almost charcoal.  Years of wear, combined with exposure to natural elements, gives this material its earth tone color palette. Ask us what colors are available for specific applications.

Step Grade

  • Wide, smooth side suitable for steps, split tops and bottoms

  • 4-8'Long x 16-20" Deep x 5-8" Thick

Paving Grade

  • Wide, smooth side surface suitable for pavement, split or sawn tops and bottoms

  • 4-7' Long x 15-18" Wide x 5-6" Thick


Standard - For Curbing

  • Pieces of curb with a great worn top but not so smooth face are perfect for using as curbing or even a raised garden wall.

  • 3-8' Long x 15-20" Tall x 5-8" Thick