Antique Stone Flooring

Types of Stone Flooring

Stone has been used for millenia to provide a durable surface for interior floors in homes and businesses. You can visit William Shakespeare's home in Stratford-Upon-Avon and tread the very same stone tiles he walked on more than 400 years ago providing a vital, visceral connection with the history we often only read about in books. When building a new home or updating an old one, what better way to tap into that connection to history than with antique stone flooring?

Antique stone flooring - Limestone - Closeup

Antique Limestone Flooring

Limestone is a sedimentary stone literally comprised of the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures. It truly contains history from eons ago. Commonly used in the chateaus of France for interior flooring as well as for decoration, it gives an instant traditional feel to any room.  Our reclaimed antique limestone is similar to French limestone quarried in the Loire valley, but ours originates in Morocco.  For a first impression that is second to none, a limestone entryway is not only durable but elegant and timeless, especially when made from authentic reclaimed antique limestone flooring. Learn more. 
Antique Stone Flooring - granite - garage -party parn

Antique granite planks

Granite, an igneous rock, is one of the hardest, most durable materials in the world, which makes it ideal for flooring in public spaces that see a lot of traffic. Although you may be imagining the polished granite of monuments and kitchen countertops, reclaimed granite paving makes for beautiul and unique "modern rustic" antique flooring suitable for hallways, kitchens or even beautiful surfaces for showroom garages or party barns.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our antique granite paving makes stunning flooring.

Antique Stone Flooring - sliced reclaimed cobblestones

Sliced reclaimed cobblestones

Another granite product that makes for unique flooring are antique European cobblestones sliced to tile thickness and used indoors. These show-stoppers give a dining room or keeping room a rustic, old-world appearance while remaining a durable surface that can put up with high-traffic and activity.

Learn more about sliced reclaimed cobbles here.

a note about brick floor tiles...

Although not "stone," our brick floor tiles—made from reclaimed New England mill bricks—create warm, rustic durable flooring to give charm and character to interior surfaces. Learn more...


Why choose reclaimed antique stone for flooring

Antique stone flooring gives the authenticity of age, even in renovations or new builds


Worn Texture

Nothing compares to the worn texture of authentic reclaimed stone. When flooring has been used for years and then reclaimed, the texture reflects the years of use. When replacing stone in an old house, or looking to the create the illusion of timelessness, authentic reclaimed stone is matchless.



Who doesn't love a good story?
Using reclaimed stone means your floor comes with something to talk about. Our stone flooring comes from all over the world and carries with it, its own sense of history and the gravity of its own past.

Environmental impact from using Antique Stone Flooring


Reusing reclaimed stone and other building materials reduces demand for virgin materials and reducing waste, which in turn lessens the impacts associated with the extraction and processing of these resources. Using reclaimed products is good for the earth.

Antique Flooring gallery

Visit our gallery of antique and reclaimed flooring projects including kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and garages. Antique stone flooring and reclaimed brick tiles bring interior flooring projects to a whole new level. 


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