Reclaimed Floor Tile

Reclaimed thin brick can be a beautiful accent material to use in your floor tile designs which will add color, texture, and history to your home.

Typically used as paving for the outdoors, our reclaimed brick and granite can also be utilized indoors! Use our reclaimed thin brick floor tiles to create a new unique look in your foyer, kitchen, bathrooms or even a wine cellar. Although granite pavers are typically used outdoors there are also plenty of indoor applications for the material, such as on the floor of your garage.


Foyers: Add historical charm and character to your foyer or entryway with brick veneer floor tile. From a small entryway or mudroom to an entire hallway, our reclaimed brick flooring adds charm to your home. Head over to our main brick page where you can learn all things Reclaimed Brick!  

Interior Granite Floors

Want to add dimension to your garage floor? Consider a reclaimed granite designs to give your garage an updated unique look. View the reclaimed paving page to check out some of the beautiful options.

Brick Bathroom Floors

Ever wonder if putting brick in your bathroom was doable? Of course it is! Add brick floor tile to your bathroom floor to create the most interesting bathroom. Afraid of the amount of moisture in your bathroom, don't worry — just use a matte finish sealant to protect your brick.

Brick Kitchen Floors

Thin brick tiles are a great way to refresh your kitchen and incorporate a new floor tile design. Brick flooring updates your kitchen floor with a unique rich texture and color. Visit our Reclaimed Brick Floor Tile page for more information.