Reclaimed Stone Patios and Pathways

Outdoor Patio Stones

The Outdoor Patio is no different than the living room or kitchen of your home. It’s where people congregate to have fun, laugh and share stories.

Just like reclaimed wood flooring on the inside, reclaimed stone planking, pattern, or irregular stones make for a beautiful foundation of a patio.  The key is ensuring that the surfaces are smooth enough for your liking. Whereas a reclaimed bluestone sidewalk could be ideal for a very flat patio, this could be harder to obtain with older stone curbing, or quarry tailings. 

Stone Pathways

Stone Pathways make for a great entrance to your house or can simply act as great accents or borders for your outdoor landscape. 

We have several reclaimed stones, that work perfectly for pathways, and can also help tie together borders for driveways or garden beds.