Reclaimed Stone Patios and Pathways

Traditional Terraces

Antique materials are a must for creating classic landscape design to blend with historic, traditional architecture. The walk worn texture and smoothness of reclaimed bluestone and sandstone are difficult to mimic in new materials. When matching "old" with fresh landscape design, using reclaimed materials adds a soothing feel of timelessness while allowing for all the "behind the scenes" modern enhancements.

classic Walkways

Antique bluestone and reclaimed sandstone add a note of history to classic stone pathways in your traditional landscape designs.

Modern Rustic style Patios

"Modern Rustic" combines modern design styles with rustic finishes to create pleasing lineal landscaping elements that retain the warmth and richness of historic materials. For customers looking to balance their interest in green energy and materials, reclaimed stone offers the double-bonus of being "reused" with a look that can gives depth to the clean, striking lines and finishes of modern architecture.

modern lineal pathways

Reclaimed stone planks and paving grade curbing can make a pathway feel dramatic and modern, while maintaining the rustic, weathered feel of antique stone.

Brick courtyards & Paths

Reclaimed natural stone offers permeability to landscape design, but don't forget the versatility of antique brick as an option for courtyards, patios and paths! Brick pavers are chameleons that can lend "farmhouse" or "cottage" style to landscape design, or tend the opposite way toward "chic urban" style.

Learn more about the  Antique Brick Pavers used in this project.

A classic basket-weave pattern with  Antique Brick Pavers.

These  Antique Brick Pavers came from our Boston City Hall Reclamation.

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Material Considerations

Just like reclaimed wood flooring on the inside, reclaimed stone planking, pattern, or irregular stones make for a beautiful foundation of a patio.  The key is ensuring that the surfaces are smooth enough for your liking. Whereas a reclaimed bluestone sidewalk could be ideal for a very flat patio, this could be harder to obtain with older stone curbing, or quarry tailings, even though these pieces can also make for interesting and visually striking surfaces. 

reclaimed stone pathway