Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

Historically, brick has always been an easily accessible and much revered building material all around the world. From historical, religious and political structures to the privacy of our own homes, brick has always been relevant and authentic.  Although brick production reached its peak in the early 20th Century, what has followed is a trend we recognize today - the use of reclaimed brick to create authentic spaces.  

We scour the world to bring this recycled, beautiful material to numerous Commercial and Residential projects all across the country. As it's not easy to simply add old bricks to your home, we slice salvaged bricks into tile thickness that can be used as floor tile, or wall veneer (download the installation guide here). So whether you are doing a kitchen backsplash in your home, or adding some history to your restaurant with an accent wall, if you love the look of exposed brick our reclaimed thin brick makes it easy to achieve. 

Thin Brick Veneer Colors

Our core product in this category is New England Mill Blend, consisting of bricks manufactured between 1890 and 1920 in the Northeast and reclaimed from old textile mills, but we also offer our Antique Grey blend, reclaimed from overseas.

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New England mill Thin Brick Veneer

New England Mill Blend

Salvaged from old factories, mills, and schools around New England, this blend is an ideal accent material. The color is made up of the deep reds and terracotta oranges found in the Northeast — however, we mix in white tones and blackened “soot stained” pieces as a result of fire damage and natural weathering.
Available Formats ( Approx. Dimensions):

  • Wall Veneer - 2.25″ x 7–8.25″ x .5″
  • Corner - 2.25″ x Short Return - 3.75–4.25″ x Long Return 7–8.25″ x .5″
  • Floor Tile - 4″ x 7–8.25″ x .5″

See our New England Mill blend come to life in recent projects:
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Vicarage Grey Brick Veneer

Antique Grey blend

Our Antique Grey thin brick is a great blend if you are looking for a mix of light and darker greys. Grey clay is most readily found in the southwest region of China along the banks of the Yangtze River. In general these pieces will be slightly longer then the New England Blend. Stone Farm has partnered with a reclamation team in that area to bring this unique product to America.
Available Formats ( Approx. Dimensions):

  • Wall Veneer - 2.25″ x 7.5–8.5″ x .5″
  • Corner - 2.25″ x Short Return - 4–4.75″ x Long Return 7.5–8.5″ x .5″

See how our Antique Grey blend has been used in recent projects:
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Salvaging old Brick for veneer

Thin Brick Veneer is a versatile interior design option for many varied spaces, mixing seamlessly with both old and new architecture. This material is produced by slicing 1/2" pieces off of either the face (wall veneer) or top (flooring tiles) of the reclaimed, full brick.  We also have the capability of fabricating outside corner pieces and thin tile strips.


Thin brick veneer projects

Check out some of the latest projects created with our reclaimed thin brick veneer.

Reclaimed Thin Brick Bathroom

Swatches of our thin brick veneer are one thing, but this timeless material really comes to life when installed. Light and mortar choices have a huge effect on how this "perfectly imperfect" brick brings life to a space. From breweries to offices, kitchens to foyers, man caves to bathrooms... we probably have a picture! 

Bar Brick Wall
Patagonia Store


Visit our Project Area to  see galleries of how customers have used our thin brick in their homes, or how architects have designed our blends into restaurants and commercial spaces to achieve an exposed brick look. 

Reclaimed Brick Tile Floor

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Thin Brick Floor Tile

We also cut our New England Mill Blend into  easily installed Reclaimed Brick Floor Tiles, offering you a unique look to any floor.

Thin Brick Floor Tile

Our New England Mill Blend Floor Tile is cut from the same bricks as our New England Mill Blend wall veneer. The difference is that we cut the top of the brick (rather than the face). As this is where the mortar lay, you can get more 'whites/greys'. The larger surface area is more consistent with traditional brick floors.

Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 7 3/4"-8 1/2" x 3/4"

Take a look at the many ways our customers have used this tile on our Interior Brick Projects page.

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How To Obtain a White Wash Look

The picture on the right was taken inside of a home in Las Vegas. They decided to use our New England Mill blend reclaimed thin brick veneer for an accent wall in their living room. In order to obtain that white look the mason did a white wash scrape over the brick veneer.

White Wash Recipe

  • Masonry Lime
  • 50/50 mix of water & add mix (polymer bonding agent)
  • Sand for texture - not necessary