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From Here To There

Stone Farm specializes in scouring the world to find, harvest, quarry and repurpose distinctive stone and brick. These distinctive stones are often transformed into new uses like pavers, steps, walls or beautiful thin cut veneers.  Welcome to our site where we are excited to present these rare finds!


From historic streets


To your home

Reclaimed Bricks

reclaimed Cobbles

Reclaimed Granite Block (Tons)


We preserve these beautiful, antique surfaces by slicing the face or top of the original brick, creating a thin veneer or floor tile that is the focal point of many interior spaces.

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Reclaimed Cobblestones

As roadways and sidewalks are re-surfaced around the world, Stone Farm reclaims antique cobblestones and brings them to your motor court or driveway project.

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We harvest curbing from streets and bridges, then sort the material to be used again as steps, paving or even curbing.

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Architectural Stone Specialties

We can customize our reclaimed stone, or find the right new material for your project.

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