Pool Coping

Stone Pool Coping and Wall Caps

Building a pool or looking to update the design of your pool? Reclaimed stone coping is not only functional but has a unique look and feel.

Stone Farm can select out reclaimed curbing or accent pieces that can work for your pool, or we can custom cut to your specific needs. 


Reclaimed granite curbing it is a great material of choice for pool coping. Learn more about this reclaimed material on our granite curbing page. 

Antique asian granite planks used as pool coping and patio

Our antique granite planks make beautiful pool coping and can flow beautifully into gorgeous, worn patio surfaces like the one shown here. The variety of sizes and finishes we have in this material work well together to a create a modern rustic look.

For this project, our 16" x 48" planks were gauged down to provide the consistent thickness, depth and edges desired in coping material, but retaining the beautiful wear and variation of antique paving.  Visit our paving page for more information.