The possibilities with thin brick wall veneer

From entire walls to accents and backsplashes, reclaimed thin brick veneer adds character and warmth to any room. From kitchens, to man caves and commercial spaces, our thin brick veneer brings rooms in your home or commercial space to life.

Brick Accent Walls

Why add a different paint color, when you can add history! With brick veneer you can add rich texture and design in any room as an accent wall. Looking to make a statement in your house - adding an old brick wall will do the trick. The best part is that our reclaimed thin brick veneer is cut to 1/2" thick, so you don't need a structural wall to obtain the look. Click here to see our Reclaimed Brick Options and to order samples. 

Brick Backsplashes

A splash of history and color for kitchens. Interior brick veneer backsplashes add color, texture and dimension to a room. As our thin brick tile is cut to only 1/2" thickness, you can install the material just like any other backsplash tile. If red is not the look you want, our vicerage grey thin brick veneer is becoming our most popular choice for kitchen backsplashes. Click here to see our Reclaimed Brick Color Options.

Reclaimed Brick Fireplaces

Large pieces of granite look bad-ass as a Hearth and/or lintel. Reclaimed thin brick veneer is an excellent material for interior projects such as fireplaces. Check these out. Click here to see our interior brick choices and order samples.

Brick Veneer Wine Cellar

We have all been in that classic bar, or amazing wine cellar that surrounds you with historic brick walls. This is why reclaimed thin brick veneer is the perfect feel for your wine or Beer cellar. We also have thin cut European Cobblestones that look great for your wine cellar floor tile! Click here to see our Reclaimed Brick Options.

Brick for Commercial Spaces

From walls to larger projects, reclaimed brick adds a beautiful design to commercial spaces. You may have seen our reclaimed thin brick veneer in notable spaces such as Margaritaville, Patagonia stores, Alo Yoga, Howl at the Moon, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants, and Timberland stores.

Before & After

The pictures on the right are before and after pictures of one of our newest jobs. The owners over this beautiful home used our Baltimore blend to complete there kitchen remodel.

What was once a ordinary kitchen transformed into something completely unique. The Baltimore blend bricks are salvaged from old brick building scattered across the great city of Baltimore.


Interested in learning more about our reclaimed thin brick veneer? Learn more about the different colors of reclaimed thin brick we offer. From New England Mill Blend, to Baltimore Blend, and Vicarage Grey, we have thin brick veneer to bring color and dimension to your home or commercial space.