Reclaimed Brick Floor Tile


Stone Farm is constantly seeking out historic brick buildings, primarily for our thin brick veneer line. As we process this antique brick, we sort out specific bricks that would work best for floor tile. As we already know the brick is beautifully aged so we focus on flatter tops, more square edges, and fewer imperfections to make for a suitable walking surface. Once we have sorted through the brick we send them to our saw shop and where we have them cut down into our antique thin brick tile.

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Thin Brick Floor Tile Color

We currently offer one truly unique floor tile blend : The New England Mill Blend.

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Our New England Mill Blend Floor tile is cut from the same bricks as our New England Mill Blend wall veneer. The difference is that we cut the top of the brick (rather than the face). As this is where the mortar lay, you can get more 'whites/grays'. The larger surface area is more consistent with traditional brick floors.


As you can see from the swatch above there is still a great amount of color variation throughout the mix. Its truly amazing to see the end result. Once our floor tile is installed it looks as if antique full brick was laid inside your home, but it's accomplished with the same ease as any tile on subfloor.
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