reclaimed stone driveway

Building Bests: Building a Stone Driveway

Asphalt seems to be the most used, but unless maintained annually, doesn’t usually give any great curb appeal. Bordering asphalt with concrete pavers, or granite planking is one way to add a little appeal.

The natural stone driveway that leads to your home can bring curb appeal to a whole new level, making a very big first impression. Natural stone pavers for driveways can give a sense of elegance to your home, even before a guest steps inside. In the photos below, both of these driveways showcase the cobblestone paver, including one with a ‘grand entrance’ that transitions to a beautiful cobblestone paver driveway.

Today, the most common pavement to use in a driveway installation is asphalt. This is the same material city streets and commercial parking lots are made of.  What kind of statement does asphalt make?  Is your asphalt driveway in good repair without any sign of cracks? If it is, how long will it stay that way?

Concrete Pavers

Gaining in popularity as a driveway material is a concrete paver. Concrete Pavers are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors all trying to mimic natural stone.  While natural stone will last forever concrete pavers do not. This is an important point to keep in mind during the planning process.

These pavers are created by compressing sand, cement and small stones under high pressure in precast forms.  This machine made process does create a product that is functional at the start, but the product begins to degrade as soon as it is exposed to elements such as sun, salt, rain and general wear and tear.  Over time, all concrete pavers start to show the aggregate (small stones and pebbles) in the surface of the paver, and fading will take place due to loss of color from the dying process.

With a natural stone driveway, these problems simply do not exist. Natural stone is forever!

Types of Natural Stone Driveways

Dimensional Cut Stone For A Unique Look

A stone cut from a larger block of stone at a quarry can be cut with precise dimensions and can have a variety of finishes applied to the sawn surface.  This process gives the architect essentially unlimited capabilities to create patterns and looks.  

A dimensional cut stone driveway can be designed so that the stones butt up next to one another without the existence of a joint. If it is a preferred design element, a space between the stones can be worked into the overall plan.  In either application, a dimensional cut stone driveway is going to produce an elegant refined look.

When using a dimensional cut stone for a stone driveway, a key factor will be the hardness of the stone, and the size.  Typically for a driveway, a ‘smaller’ sized paver is used to ensure it can withstand the weight of vehicular traffic.  In addition, if the stone is being ‘dry laid’ (in sand) it will be necessary for it to be a thicker stone.  If being wet-laid (in concrete), you can probably go as low as 1.5” thick, based on the type of stone (like a granite or basalt).

Reclaimed Granite Paver
The reclaimed granite paver is one of the most durable materials for a stone driveway, and the best looking from a design standpoint.  Reclaimed granite paver slabs are either sawn down to a uniform thickness (in the range of 3”) or are reused in a 5-6” thickness. These handsome stones have a rustic split face surface, a built-in patina, and wear marks from many years of use.Our reclaimed granite pavers look just as great on their own as they do when combined with antique cobblestones, as seen in the photo below. They make a very powerful statement!

Reclaimed Antique Cobblestone

The oldest and most classic type of natural stone driveway is the cobblestone driveway. Cobblestones have been used since the time of the Romans as a functional and durable material to build driveways and roads.  Many European cities have antique cobblestones still in use throughout their central business and historic districts.  

While cobbles are arguably the most beautiful and classic natural stone for a driveway or motor court they are also one of the most functional as well.  Because cobbles are not perfectly square when they are installed, there is always a joint which allows water to seep through, inhibiting water runoff.  There are many local jurisdictions that now require new and refurbished pavements to be “permeable” and let water through, cobblestones are literally the very first permeable paver.  

Look no further than Stone Farm to beautify your landscape through a reclaimed, natural stone driveway. The options are limitless!