Antique Granite Paving

Granite. The word alone implies durability and an immovable solidity. It's been used in building for thousands of years worldwide, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art! We've salvaged thousands of square feet of granite paving and curbing for use in patios, walkways, driveways and other paving projects. 

Reclamation of our antique granite paving

Available antique granite

Our yard is full of beautiful stone. Please contact us for an antique granite paving quote.

Reclaimed Bluestone Sidewalks

antique granite squares

These 2' x 2' imported granite squares have become very popular options for patios and walkways. The squares are often configured in combinations using both bush hammered top and flat top finishes, or bordered by planks.  

  • Color - Varies from grey to beige, pallets are mixed
  • Surface finish - Bush Hammered or Flat/Sawn
  • Dimensions - Generally 22 - 24" L x 22 - 24" W x 2-4” thickness (we can gauge closer to 2")
  • Source - Imported  

Reclaimed Bluestone Sidewalks

antique granite planks

Our imported granite planks make beautiful walkways or patios, creating dramatic lines and visual patterns. Different widths and lengths are available. Finish availability (Bush Hammered or Flat/Sawn) varies by size. Mixing finishes works well and can create eye-pleasing texture contrasts.

  • Color - Varies from grey to beige, pallets are mixed
  • Options 
    20" x 40" (Flat/Sawn Surface)
    16" x 48"(Flat/Sawn Surface)
    8 - 14" - Variable widths, variable lengths
    (Bush Hammered Surface)
  • Thickness: 2 - 4" (we can gauge closer to 2")
  • Source - Imported  

Reclaimed Bluestone Sidewalks

antique granite curb

Our reclaimed granite curbing is harvested around New England and come in a range of dimensions, surface textures and edge treatments. These inherent differences make for a material that can be sorted and utilized for a range of paving applications..

  • Color - light to dark greys and tans, displaying worn horizon lines
  • Dimensions 18 - 84" L x 9 -12" or 16 - 20" W  
  • Thickness: 4 - 6" 
  • Source - Midwest and Northeast 

reclaimed granite finishes

Our granite planks & squares feature two top finishes. A rougher, chiseled bush hammered surface, or a more even flat/sawn surface. Both are beautiful and work well with each other to create interesting textural patterns and contrasts.


bush hammered

As you can see in this close-up, granite with a bush hammered surface finish was originally tooled with a chisel and has a more rustic look. Bush hammered stones are typically older and more worn with a lovely, aged patina that just can't be matched in new stone.


flat / Sawn

Stones with a flat/sawn surface give a more modern, yet still rustic look. The flat top creates a level space ideal for tables or chairs. These two finishes work well mixed together to create interesting visual texture.

Gauged vs. Full thickness

Which makes the most sense for your particular project or usage?


making it work for you

Often times reclaimed stone will have a beautiful surface or shape but the thickness might not work for a particular application. We have the ability to gauge pavers to your desired thickness. We first sort material with great paving surfaces, then send them to the saw shop for fabrication. This creates a product that is easy to install and perfect for an interior application.



antique granite paving projects

Antique granite paving patio project

Antique Granite Planks & Granite Squares

Visit our Patios & Pathways Project Area to see our antique granite planks and squares in landscape designs. From "modern rustic" patios to striking lineal pathways granite gives any project gravity and weight.

Granite planks have also been used as interior antique stone flooring for garages and barn floors. 

Contact us to get a quote on your own Antique Granite Paving project or to get a closer look at the variety of granite we have available.

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