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We scour the world to bring these beautiful, reclaimed bricks to your project.

Our thin brick veneers are used in numerous Commercial and Residential projects all across the country to add the richness and texture that only comes from authentic brick. We slice salvaged bricks into tile thickness that can be used as floor tile, or wall veneer. So whether you are doing a kitchen or foyer in your home, or adding some history to your restaurant with brick floors in your bar, our reclaimed thin brick makes it easy.

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Order Brick Floor Tile Samples

Our core product in this category is New England Mill Blend, consisting of bricks manufactured between 1890 and 1920 in the Northeast and reclaimed from old textile mills. As we process this antique brick, we sort out specific bricks that would work best for floor tile: flatter tops, more square edges, and fewer imperfections to make for a suitable walking surface

Thin Brick Floor Tile

Our New England Mill Blend Floor Tile is cut from the same bricks as our New England Mill Blend wall veneer. The difference is that we cut the top of the brick (rather than the face). As this is where the mortar lay, you can get more 'whites/greys'. The larger surface area is more consistent with traditional brick floors.

Order Floor Tile Samples

brick floor tile projects

Swatches of our brick floor tile are one thing, but this timeless material really comes to life when installed. Light and mortar choices have a huge effect on how this "perfectly imperfect" brick brings life to a space. From kitchens to foyers... we probably have a picture! 

Reclaimed Thin Brick Bathroom
Patagonia Store
Bar Brick Wall
Reclaimed Thin Brick Bathroom
Patagonia Store
Bar Brick Wall

Visit our Project Area to  see galleries of how customers have used our thin brick in their homes, or how architects have designed our blends into restaurants and commercial spaces.

Kitchen with Brick Tile Flooring

How to clean your brick floors

Properly sealed, a reclaimed thin brick floor can be easily cleaned by simply sweeping it with a broom or vacuuming with a brush attachment. Mopping with a solution of vinegar and water also freshens up this durable material. We recommend applying a matte finish sealant to protect the floor from stains without changing the beautiful patina of reclaimed brick.

thin brick wall veneer

Always loved the look of an exposed brick wall? You can have one! We slice the front of our bricks to make Thin Brick Wall Veneer.
Achieve the look of an authentic brick wall but with the ease of tile installation. Beautiful for fireplace surrounds, accent walls, kitchen backsplashes and anywhere you want to add rustic charm or industrial chic. Available in New England Mill Blend and Antique Grey.

Thin Brick Veneer Fireplace Surround
Reclaimed Thin Brick Wall Veneer Grey Commercial
Thin Brick Wall Veneer loft

Salvaging Brick Veneer

Thin Brick Veneer is a versatile interior design option for many varied spaces, mixing seamlessly with both old and new architecture. This material is produced by slicing 1/2"  to 3/4" pieces off of either the face (wall veneer) or top (flooring tiles) of the reclaimed, full brick.  We also have the capability of fabricating outside corner pieces and thin tile strips.