The Manhattan Project: Industrial Chic Styling Enhanced by Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

We at Stone Farm have been highly anticipating the grand finale of our Reclaimed Thin Brick project within this stunning Manhattan Penthouse….and here it is!

Expansive Manhattan Penthouse and a wall highlighted with reclaimed thin brick veneer create the perfect background for this ultra modern mix.


We were lucky enough to obtain several photos of this project at the onset of the brick tile application–what an amazing transformation in these before and after photos. For an insight into the inception of this project, here is a link to Part 1 of the original blog post we wrote: The Manhattan Project: Using Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer.

Both spacing and leveling are key factors at this point in the application process.


Up close and personal with thin brick veneer. Spacers in place, awaiting mortar application.


Here are some of the highlights of this breathtaking duplex penthouse, designed by Brian Newman, of Newman Design, Cold Spring Hills, NY. Housed within an Art Deco masterpiece initially designed by the architects behind the Empire State building, this penthouse starts out with an edge before you even enter inside. Once inside, a few of the highlights are:

And of course….our Thin Brick Veneer!

Stone Farm’s interior brick veneer was the perfect option for this project, as the original building did not have any existing brick walls. When they gutted this unit, the contractor simply had to install Permabase instead of sheetrock, mortaring our product directly to the wall. The result—a finished look, appearing as if the brick walls had been there since the original construction. Salvaging our antique brick and then slicing it thin, allowed for this application to take place seamlessly.

That old world feel the architect was looking for and the cohesive blending with industrial elements was achieved. The thin brick color palette only enhances this look adding warmth to the industrial nature of the steel, and wide plank flooring creating an overall authentic appeal to this one of a kind masterpiece.

Antiqued oil rubbed sconces designed by Barn Light Electrical enhance the look of this authentic, reclaimed, thin brick tile.
A Penthouse with a view that is only enhanced by the use of Thin Brick Veneer
Reclaimed thin brick walls add an “old world” warmth to the industrial nature of this penthouse in Manhattan.

The reviews on this space have been tremendous, as stated by realtor John Harrison of Core NYC. “Everyone that visited this apartment loved it! It was designed with a very industrial-chic appeal and within the context of very high finishes, the brick definitely adds an “old-world” warmth to the industrial nature of the steel (staircase, fixture finishes, ect). They blend well with the old growth wide plank hickory floors and since they are real brick, they enrich all of the other material and help maintain the authentic appeal that makes this apartment a one of a kind masterpiece.”

We hope this antique brick project is inspirational and sparks your imagination! For even more photos from this project, just visit our website: Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer and project page on Houzz . We’d love to hear from you and talk about the endless possibilities of using this versatile product in your residential or commercial space.

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