A New Look for Reclaimed Red Brick

New England Mill Blend is one of our most popular reclaimed thin brick options used for walls, backsplashes, and brick tile floors. Unforgettable Coatings, a design customer in Las Vegas, recently sent us photos of his personal home project that blew our minds away. By simply using a white mortar, he was able to accomplish a very unique look that softened the brick and made the accents pop.  The white mortar was used in a wall around a bar as well as the back wall in a living room where a television is mounted.

Salvaged from old factories, mills, and schools around New England, the reclaimed thin brick used in this project was New England Mill blend that is an ideal accent material. The color is predominantly deep reds found in the Northeast – however, we mix in white tones and blackened “soot-stained” pieces as a result of fire damage and natural weathering.

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