Antique Bluestone Walkway (3)

Farm Fresh: The Journey of Bluestone

Did you ever wonder where the bluestone used for landscape design comes from? It has a rich history and experiences a long journey before it arrives at your home. Bluestone paving originated from quarries in North America. In New York, Bluestone was in great abundance and was the material of choice for the vast network of sidewalks in Manhattan. Many bluestone quarries operated in counties in the state. The largest bluestone quarry in New York was at West Hurley in Ulster County. A New York Times article commented that back in the day “Preservationists estimate that bluestone made up half the city’s sidewalks at one time, chiefly areas near the harbor that were developed first, while today it accounts for just 5 percent.”

Unfortunately, bluestone sidewalks are often seen as a liability to towns and cities. They are harder to maintain and are more subject to unevenness from frost heaves than a replacement like concrete. Fortunately, reclaimed bluestone makes for beautiful walkway and patio stones. We just harvested 3 truckloads of beautiful antique bluestone in great sizes! Our first truck just arrived at our yard in Monroe, CT.

reclaimed stone, bluestone

As you can see from the recent project below (by Brack Enterprises), reclaimed bluestone is an excellent accent to projects in your outdoor living space. From patios to pathways, reclaimed bluestone is a material landscape architects and homeowners have come to love. Grab a piece of history for your next project!