Antique Bluestone Sidewalks & Sandstone Slabs

In the mid-1800s, bluestone was the material of choice for the vast network of sidewalks in Manhattan and other large cities of the Northeast. Although today much of this stone has been replaced by materials that make a smoother surface for our modern lifestyle, reclaimed bluestone and sandstone sidewalk slabs make beautiful walkway and patio stones. We search high and low to salvage this historic product and make it available for a new generation to enjoy its beauty in their classic landscape design.


Bluestone vs. sandstone

Both bluestone and sandstone make durable flat surfaces with rich, natural tones. These smooth, flat materials are our best options for dining and seating areas as well as rustic pathways.

Reclaimed Bluestone Sidewalks

Bluestone  sidewalks

Originally quarried for the most part in New York, we salvaged our antique bluestone from sidewalks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, bringing the deep blue and grey tones of this classic material to our yard in Monroe, CT.  Whether you want classic, modern or rustic design, this historic paving stone will bring richness and depth to your backyard landscape design. 

  • Color - Light and dark — blues, greens, and lilac
  • Surface finish - Worn natural cleft
  • Dimensions - Generally 36 - 72" L x 16 - 48" W x 2-4” thickness (inconsistent throughout each piece)
  • Source - Northeast
Reclaimed Sandstone Slabs

sandstone  sidewalks

With an equal historic pedigree, the warmer beige tones of these sandstone sidewalk slabs salvaged from Ohio and Pennsylvania neighborhoods come in game-changing sizes.  The walk worn finish and lighter colors make perfect "modern rustic" pool decks or sprawling outdoor dining areas. From rustic to refined, sandstone adapts well with many designs. 

  • Color - Blues, greys, warm beiges and tans
  • Surface finish - Walk worn surface
  • Dimensions - Generally 20 - 84" L x 20 - 48" W x 2-4” thickness (consistent through each piece)
  • Source - Midwestern United States  to New England   

Colors & texture

Our bluestone and sandstone sidewalks provide the flattest surface of all of our reclaimed paving materials—perfect for pathways and patios where furniture sits.


worn to perfection

From rich greys  to deep blues, our antique bluestone works beautifully for patios that range from elegant to rustic. The familiar natural cleft texture has been foot worn over time to a smoothness that feels historic from the moment they're laid. 


smooth & even

Our reclaimed sandstone slabs have warm beige tones and a sandy texture that has been worn to perfection. These slabs tend to have a consistent thickness that makes for easy installation and level surfaces.

size & scale

Antique bluestone and sandstone are available in large sizes which are difficult to find with modern quarried stone. 

large format

While new sandstone is currently being quarried with a smaller format, our super sourcers have salvaged an amazing supply of  4' x 6' reclaimed sandstone slabs. We continuously scour the U.S. to make sure we can always provide these uniquely large sizes.

Visit the Stone Farm to experience these and other Ginormous Stones™ in person.



bluestone & sandstone projects

Reclaimed sandstone makes a graceful walkway

Antique Sandstone Walkway

Visit our Patios & Pathways Project Area to see our antique bluestone and sandstone slabs in landscape designs. From winding bluestone pathways to "modern rustic" patios, these materials bring the weight of history to any project.

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