Antique Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is made from natural stone found throughout the world. Unlike modern stone veneer which is typically quarried and freshly fabricated, we scour the country looking for old buildings which were built using stone veneer in the past. Each load of stone veneer we bring into our yard tells a story and ultimately—once reused—restores a piece of history as it is put to a new use.


The type of stone determines the color of Reclaimed Stone.  The effects of wear and tear enhance the overall look by adding new color tones over time, adding that magical patina that makes this material so unique.  Colors range from classic New England earthy salt and pepper granite to the truly unique creamy whites found in marble. We salvage stone veneer across the country from places as varied as old factory buildings and historic churches.

Check out our current stone we have to offer below

St. Josephs Church Stone Veneer

When we heard the church of St. Josephs in the Bronx being dismantled we couldn't help but try to salvage as much as we could. The church of St. Josephs was built c. 1873 from stone quarried in the local area. The stone consists of squares and rectangles with roughly a 80/20 mix of granite and marble. This truly unique stone veneer has beautiful colors, from dark and light greys to light creamy whites.


Small - Medium
16-24" x 9-15" x 6-12"

Medium - Large
16-40" x 12-18" x 8-18"

Small - Medium
Approx. 17 sqft/Ton

Medium - Large
Approx. 14 sqft/Ton