Reclaimed thin brick at Roma Ristorante.

Roma Ristorante – An Experience Craved by Many

The Stone Farm team recently visited Roma Ristorante, an authentic Italian restaurant with an incredible and comforting atmosphere. As we walked in the door, we instantly felt welcome, as if we were at home. Laughs, chatter, plates of food and half-filled drinks set the tone around the bar.  Some of the guests even have their “assigned” seats at the bar because they have been coming there for so long. 


Reclaimed thin brick at Roma Ristorante.

Reclaimed thin brick at Roma Ristorante.

We walked past the bar and into the main dining room. Everything smelled amazing. Our senses were on overdrive with the smell of Italian meals, fine wine and homemade desserts. The owner, came by and offered us a tour. The backroom was newly designed with old wine crates and our very own thin brick veneer. It was a mix of cozy, romantic and chic, all at the same time. The old brick fit right in with the rest of the ambiance of the restaurant and created a beautiful brick accent wall for entertaining.


We then turned into another door and entered the poker room. A television and bar made it ideal for a sports fantasy football draft, or a night out with the guys to play poker. But it still maintained the comforting feel of Roma. The room had an exit to a beautiful outdoor patio for guests to relax or smoke a cigar.


And the desserts! Roma’s desserts are made in-house by their own French trained pastry chef. Desserts are served fresh, with a daily variety such as our shortcake, banana cream pie, mini-carrot cake, mini-cannoli and much more.

It was a happy moment. A happy place where people, from near and far, come to share stories and enjoy their time together. In our crazy hectic world, it is places like Roma that bring friends together without their phones, to share stories and create memories. It is a place that truly has “regulars” who come every day or every week at the same time. It is a place with stories from the past and present, much like the brick they use on their accent walls.


We invite you to visit Roma and experience the atmosphere, food and drink for yourself. It is a treat and you will feel like you are with family.

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We love the finished look of this new commercial space using our reclaimed thin brick veneer.

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