Thin Brick Veneer Focus: The History of Brick and Beer

There is a strong history between brick and beer. According to the book “The Material Culture of Breweries,” the first brick brewery was built in 1893 in Grangeville, Idaho. The brewery was projected to produce 150 barrels per day. It is no surprise that some of the most famous breweries throughout time feature brick, as it provides an industrial and rustic feel synonymous with breweries.

We regularly receive calls from breweries for our thin brick veneer. Recent projects include: Frog Alley Brewing in Schenectady, New York; Finney’s Crafthouse with breweries through California; and Margaritaville in Florida. All use our Baltimore blend–a unique brick repurposed from the row houses of Baltimore’s streets.

Frog Alley Brewing

Featuring our Baltimore blend thin brick veneer as accent walls in both their taproom and event spaces, Frog Alley Brewing is our most recent project. They are currently offering take out and delivery of their craft brews.

Finney’s Crafthouse
Located throughout California, Finney’s Crafthouse is a family owned restaurant and bar. They came to Stone Farm for our Baltimore blend to use in many of their locations. Brick walls throughout the crafthouse create an authentic and historic look and feel. 

A few years ago, Margaritaville in Hollywood, Florida tapped Stone Farm for our thin brick veneer. The commercial space features the famed parrot and showcases thin brick walls throughout.

Brick walls have an authentic look and feel that throughout time has been a perfect design match for breweries. 

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