Howl at the Moon DC with thin brick veneer

Thin Brick Veneer for Commercial Spaces

Brick makes a beautiful, photogenic backdrop and that’s never truer than when used in commercial spaces. We’ve had restaurants, stores, breweries and bars all come to us looking for an authentic brick wall veneer to add character to their spaces while providing the perfect background for their products or dining spaces.

Howl at the Moon Piano Bars

Howl at the Moon DC with thin brick veneer

This month, we’re featuring Howl at the Moon in Washington, DC, who used our reclaimed thin brick veneer to match their new space to the liveliness of the Howl at the Moon experience. After Covid delayed their grand opening, they really turned this space into their own, lining the bar and “dueling piano” stage with brick wall tiles. The varied tones and chipped edges of authentic brick makes this bar look like they really ripped open the wall and exposed the brick within, even though they applied the brick as easily as tile.

Because we make our thin brick veneer from bricks salvaged from old mills and factories in New England, you really get the feel of a exposed brick wall. The size and texture of the brick is the real deal and the dark tones from soot and weather as well as the light tones from mortar really work together to complete the illusion. “Is that a real brick wall?” Well, yes it is! (Just not all the way through).

Alo Yoga Locations

Wall Veneer at Alo Yoga

Reclaimed brick veneer also makes a beautiful backdrop for clothing. In the past, Patagonia and Timberland have both used our brick in their retail stores, but if you have an Alo Yoga location near you, chances are it might have a brick wall made from our authentic brick! In keeping with their “sanctuary” vibe, they chose to whitewash our brick, but the texture of the reclaimed surface remains and blends well with wood accents in their stores and the fabric of their clothing.

From a Feng Shui standpoint, brick is an earth element and creates a stabilizing energy. Since retail environments often contain a lot of metal (fixtures) and glass (water and mirrors), adding brick can balance those energies and give a soothing, grounded feeling to a store, encouraging people to stay and shop.

Perfectly Imperfect – Consistent Supply

Why is Stone Farm’s reclaimed brick veneer used again and again in commercial projects? We curate our brick from various reclamations by blending it as we slice and palletize it. We do this to achieve as consistent of a product as we can when taking into consideration the imperfections and variations of salvaged, antique product.

What this means is that you can order thin brick veneer when constructing one location for your business, and when you return to order more as you expand your business, our blend should remain consistent enough to feel “the same” from one location to the next.

Although those imperfections and variations are what really give the illusion that the brick wall you’ve just made has always been there, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product that will offer similar results when used over and over again.

Add Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer to Your Commercial Space

If you’re interested in adding reclaimed brick veneer to your commercial space, please contact us for a quote. We have samples available and we’d be happy to work with you to make sure our product is right for your project and to ensure a smooth delivery and ordering process.

Howl at the Moon Thin Brick Bar