Using Reclaimed Stone for Your Patio or Walkway

When most people think of antique stone, they think of reclaimed cobblestones that were used in streets, as well as reclaimed curbing laid flat for borders. However, by the way these products are naturally formed, they are not ideal-as they can be uneven, and nobody wants a wobbly chair or table on their outdoor living space. There are many other antique stones to choose from when building a patio or walkway. 

Over the last two years, many people have been moving to antique stones which lay more evenly to create an excellent patio or walkway for your home.

Looking to Build a Sidewalk or Walkway?

Antique bluestone and reclaimed sandstone are ideal for sidewalks and walkways. Bluestone has a rich history and experiences a long journey before it arrives at your home. Bluestone paving originated from quarries in North America. In New York, Bluestone was in great abundance and was the material of choice for the vast network of sidewalks in Manhattan. Today, antique bluestone serves as a beautiful material for sidewalks and walkways. 

photo of antique bluestone pavers, laid out in front of a lone tree, which is surrounded by purple flowers
Antique Bluestone Used to Create a Walkway at a Home
photo of reclaimed sandstone pavers surrounding a rectangular pool.  The pool is surrounded by many flowers and small trees.  Larger trees are in the background.
Reclaimed Sandstone Creates a Beautiful Space Around a Pool

Looking to Build a Patio?

Reclaimed granite squares and antique stone paving planks are becoming more popular, especially with people that want a rustic, modern look. They lay flat to create a very even surface and add texture and color around your home. These antique granite squares are hand-chiseled and centuries old, creating a very unique look.

photo of rectangular gray paving planks on the patio of a home.  The pavers surround a fire pit with an active fire.  Empty patio chairs are positioned around the firepit.
Antique Paving Planks Create a Rustic Modern Patio
photo of light gray  and tan paving planks in a beautiful outdoor bar area.  A fireplace is on one side, and a stone bar and high top chairs is on the other side, with a gray table in between.
Antique Stone Paving Planks Bring this Patio Together Beautifully

As you can see, there are many materials that can be used to create a patio or sidewalk from reclaimed stone materials. We have many of these materials onsite in our yard. Feel free to call us at 203.270.2900 to make an appointment to come in or to simply to learn more.