Super Jumbo Cobblestones

Most people are familiar with cobblestones and have a good idea of how they can be used and what they look like. I am always on the hunt for reclaimed cobblestones that are a different, shape, color or size, something unique. Last week I was walking down near the Boston waterfront and I came across this installation of antique cobblestones. …

reclaimed cobblestones, reclaimed stone

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – Sliced Cobbles

Reclaimed cobbles from city streets and old mill yards generally are 6-7″ deep. These cobbles were produced to withstand the test of time and they have. Once we reclaim them we palletize them and can ship them literally all over the world.

Hot Coffee, Cool Brick: Our Thin Brick Veneer Hits Starbucks!

Stone Farm’s Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer a perfect match for a new Starbucks on historic Canal Street. Background: This past summer, we received a call from Fulcrum Construction. The construction company was building out a new Starbucks at the corner of Canal and St. Charles St., a major thoroughfare in the city’s oldest neighborhood, bordering the French Quarter. We enjoy …

reclaimed cobblestone driveway, reclaimed cobblestones

A Reclaimed Cobblestone Driveway With A Touch Of The Extraordinary

Along the banks of the Five Mile River in Rowayton, CT sits a fabulous airy and spacious newly constructed home with a natural beach toned feel. To compliment the architecture of this home, 150 year old jumbo big dig cobblestones that were taken from a reclamation in Troy, New York were chosen as driveway material. These reclaimed cobblestones not only stand out …